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Jewellery is one of the most popular purchases for shoppers these days especially for online shopping. Although jewellery is an effective accessory and can really make an outfit, it is not always easy to choose the right piece. Some find it easier to choose suitable jewellery than others. And if you are not close to Auckland so you can go to an actual jeweller’s shop, then online is a great option. Here are a few tips on choosing the right jewellery for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Diamond engagement ring NZThe top of the list for jewellery is the diamond. We all know the phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend! When in any doubt of what to choose for yourself or for someone else, you cannot go wrong with choosing a diamond. It is a reliable choice for anyone since it goes with absolutely everything; and there is nothing more sparkling and beautiful than a diamond.

Planning which jewellery to take on vacation with you is as important as planning which outfits to take with you. Naturally, you cannot take all of your jewellery, so it is important to plan your outfits in advance, and make sure that you have the right jewellery packed to go with them. It is very important to never pack any jewellery that you could not bear to lose, in your checked luggage. If you are taking jewellery with you that is that important to you it is better to wear it rather than pack it.

When you are deciding on an outfit, apart from considering the colours of your clothes, you will also need to consider the colour of the jewellery you have. You will want to pair the different pieces of jewellery so that they match well. For example, if you are wearing gold earrings, you will want to choose a gold ring and the same colour gold chain so that they all match. Unless you have one piece of jewellery that combines different coloured metals, like a watch, it is best to avoid mixing metals.

The ability to buy fine jewellery online has added to our modern shopping convenience, and it’s a great idea. However, be sure to do a little research before you buy. It is also very important to read the description of the item and any guarantees very carefully. Check the seller’s return policies, and check up on the authenticity and quality of the item.

Handmade jewellery makes a wonderful gift, and you can use different ways to get creative and add value to it. For example, you could give someone a necklace that has been packaged in a vintage seed packet, or give your mom a gift of earrings that are mounted on a handmade birthday card instead of on the cardboard earring holder that came with them.

Jewellery can be a very personal thing. Deciding which item of NZ jewellery to buy for a loved one can be a challenge, but if you start paying attention to the things they appear to like, you will get a good idea of what would be a good choice.

There is some excellent NZ jewellery to be found online. Orsini Jewellers in Auckland are one of the most highly regarded both for their own range of engagement rings but also for world famous brand like Marco Bicego and Hulchi Belluni in NZ.

Villa renovation Epsom

Renovating an Old Villa in Epsom Can Be Quite Challenging, But Results Can Make It Worthwhile

Old villas have a charm about them that most discerning people appreciate, and it is something that modern design finds it difficult to match. That is the reason that may people are opting to buy and renovate villas in Epsom to suit their present day living requirements. It also allows you have a villa that will probably have a lot of section of land around it, thus giving you a ready-made garden.

It is not easy to renovate an old villa, as it can pose many challenges to ingenuity and even require you to adapt to what you have. This task must be approach with a lot of thought and planning and the work carried out, when all possible problems are foreseen and solutions found to get over them.

The first thing you need to do when you have an old villa that you want to renovate is to make a complete survey of the villa and all its various components. Start with the foundations and things underground, even if it means you have to dig around to get at their actual condition. Make sure that you can get a proper assessment of the strength of the foundation and what stresses it can take, when you make changes to the structure above, by adding or demolishing what exists. Getting such an assessment done from a professional is the best, as they will be able to give you a truthful assessment which will prevent you from taking any risks in future. The floors need very detailed inspection to allow you to spot any weakness or pest infections that may need your attention. If floors are tiled, look for hollow sounds or cracked tiles that may need attention during the renovation.

A major problem that does come up with the renovation of old villas, is to make the layout of the home, one that will be more suited to your own living style. Appoint a good architect or designer to help you in this space planning, so that it involves the least of dismantling and the adding of new walls or partitions. You may require building permits to make changes, and you must make sure that you can get drawings of the structure as it is, and that is probably in the files of the Council. One aspect of old villas, that almost always requires a lot of attention and detailing is the electrical and plumbing systems in place. Get a proper Epsom villa renovation specialist to judge the soundness of installed systems and if you can even save some of them, it can greatly reduce your cost of renovation. Insulation is another thing that may require completely redoing, so that you can get advantage of the R values of modern day products that can allow you to save energy in the long run.

Make sure that any changes you make do not change the character of the villa, which was its original charm. This is especially true in case of doors and windows that often give a lot of character to villas.

Given the huge challenges in carrying out a tasteful yet modern renovation of a villa, it is highly recommended to use an Epsom villa renovation building company to undertake the works. Major renovations can take months, even for professionals, Can your family cope with up to a year of living in a building site? Contact a specialist like Repair and Restore Ltd who have a great reputation for this type of work.

What Are The Commercial Uses Of Stock Video Footage?

Stock footage

Stock footage

If you have commercial stock video footage and are wondering what do with it, you should know that what you can do with stock footage is only limited by your imagination.

That said, pull out your pen and paper now and brainstorm – come up with a video script that will incorporate your stock video.

Most people already know that there are stock photos, however, only few people know that there are websites out there that offer video clips that you can use in any way you like. A few examples of these video stock videos include, Motion Elements, and Footage Freaks. And there are many, many more.

The good thing about these websites is that you can download the videos in PAL And NTSC formats. If that sounds French to you, don’t worry. NTSC format means you can download the video if you are in the United States. PAL means you can download the material if you live outside the US.

There are really just two types of stock videos – free and paid. Free stock videos usually include videos that you can use as background in your project. Paid stock videos, meanwhile, are something that you can use for different purposes in your video. If you want to know the breadth and depth of the videos that are available on stock video sites, you should check out the stock video websites.

Now we’re not going to tell you which type of stock video to download, but we are going to tell you that your script is the most important element of your project, so you should take your time to make the script that will form your video.

We like to experiment with different video material to make music videos, and that’s how I know about the different stock footage websites. Honestly, I’m not impressed at all by the stock footage that I’ve seen so far.

They’re all boring and are best used as background material. But then again, maybe it’s because they were free. Maybe if I paid for commercial stock video, I would find something better and that’s something that my son can use. A relatively new one is StockGiant but they have a huge range so you are sure to find something that will suit your purposes.

Anyway, if you plan on using a paid service, you really don’t need to worry because the fees at these stock footage are not expensive at all. You can buy fifteen videos for the price of one.

If you are about to make your first video project, you should check out some free stock footage. Don’t expect too much, however, because many of these websites that give away free video material only have material that you don’t need for your project. You might as well shoot the video yourself.

However, you might find thee free backgrounds useful, or you might some use for the video intro and the animations.

Be careful because some of these websites offer crappy content on purpose so you will be forced to pay for good video material, which is really bad.

Here’s the link for that new commercial stock video site

Breach Of Contract Remedies

Peter Fuscic

Peter Fuscic

Anytime a business or individual breaches a duly executed contract, the remaining party to it has an entitlement to relief, or a legal remedy. Generally speaking, remedies for a contract breach include those of damages, specific performance of the contract’s terms or rescission and restitution.

Payment Of Damages

The most common type of remedy for a contract breach is that of damages. This is simply payment of one type or another by the party that breached to the party that did not breach. Damages can take many forms, but they often have something to do with the type of breach that occurred.

The type of damages referred to as compensatory damages are designed to place the party that did not breach into the position they would have been in if the breach never happened.

Punitive damages are assessed against the breaching party in an amount over and above the amount required for precise compensation of the other party’s losses. The purpose is to punish the breaching party for committing especially egregious acts, though such damages are not frequently awarded with regard to business contracts.

The purpose of nominal damages is to provide a token recovery in case where no major loss of money was demonstrated by the party not in breach.

The idea behind liquidated damages is for the breaching party to pay the non-breaching party an amount previously stated in the contract documents themselves. They are established at the outset of a contractual relationship and are meant to be a fair estimate of the true damages that a breach would produce.

When money damages are insufficient compensation for a breach, a party may pursue “specific performance.” This is essentially when a court orders the breaching party to fulfil the terms of the contract as originally written. This can happen if the subject matter covered by the contract is unique, unusual or such that a financial payment would not adequately restore the non-breaching party to the state it would be in had the contract terms been met.

Rescission and restitution is a remedy in which a non-breaching contract party can cancel their agreement and seek full restitution if they have already provided a tangible benefit to the party in breach. Restitution is meant to place the non-breaching contract party into the position it occupied before the breach, and rescission works to void the entire agreement and relieve each party of further duties imposed by its terms.

If all of this sounds complicated and you think you are the victim of an unfulfilled agreement, then you need to consult an Auckland lawyer for breach of contract. They will be able to give you legal advice on your situation and explain your rights to you. They will also suggest the next steps you can take to bring about a resolution to your dispute. Often a letter from your solicitor will bring about a quick solution.

However, sometimes your lawyer will need to have a deeper involvement and the matter can take a bit more time to bring to fruition. In any event, sound legal advice is the best course of immediate action.

If your business is based in the CBD, then a good Auckland lawyer for breach of contract you can contact is McVeagh Fleming and Partners. You can find out more about them here on their website.



Anyone who has ever hired a plumber for a plumbing job knows how expensive plumbing services can be. Even the simplest plumbing task can be costly at times. It is for this reason why it would be wise to learn how to solve minor plumbing problems to help cut costs associated with the same. Discussed below are a few plumbing tips to help you save some money on plumbing costs.

1. Drilling holes in walls: Start by drilling a hole big enough for your hand to fit through. Using your phone or a camera, take a few pictures of the inside of the hole. Remember to active the camera’s flash function especially if it is dark inside.

2. Unreasonably high water bills: This could be due to undetected water leakage in the house. To diagnose this, turn off all taps in the house and check the meter. If the meter continues to count, then there is a higher probability that there’s a leakage. To be sure of this, note down the current meter reading, give it 6-20 hours, and then confirm the reading again. If it has changed, it’s then definite that there is a leakage. You can then start checking for the leaking points within the house to see how big the mess is. Only contact a professional plumber if the mess is too big for you.

3. Ceiling stains: If the stains are from an already repaired leakage, you do not necessarily have to repaint the ceiling again. Using a bleaching agent and water, dab the affected area to dissolve the stains. Ensure your eyes and hands are well protected when doing this.

4. Leaking pipes: These are easy to fix. First, make sure the main water valve is turned off, then drain water remaining in faucets nearby. Use sand paper to clean the pipe, then apply soldering flux. Using a torch, heat the pipe for a few minutes, then apply new solder until the leaking point is sealed completely.

5. Coloured water in taps: This problem is commonly associated with rusting. Before you can do anything, have the water tested to ascertain this. If the coloured water (red) is due to rust in your well, it would be advisable to have a water softener installed. The water softener should help cleanse the water by removing impurities from the water, hence allowing clean water into your house.

6. Window-shop for a plumber, if you need one: Some plumbing problems may be beyond your knowledge and abilities. If you feel only a professional plumber is capable of handling a problem, you should then look for the best in the market. Although most people will go for cheap plumbers, it’s advisable to go for the best and most affordable plumber you can find.

7. Handling taps: Avoid over-tightening water taps and handles in the same. Applying too much pressure on these handles will wear out the washers and gaskets used causing leakages.

Based on the tips discussed above, it is clear that most plumbing problems are simple and easy to repair. You can save good money by handling most of these repairs yourself. Only hire a professional North Shore plumbers for plumbing jobs that are beyond your capacity, especially if you need a hot water system installed, or need to have the entire system replaced.


Buy Sell Agreements For Small Business Owners

Buy sell agreements


A buy sell agreement also known as a buyout agreement, is a contract detailing the course of action in case one of the partners in a business decides to quit. The departure could be as a result of many reasons such as retirement, selling shares, divorce, and bankruptcy, disagreement with other partners or death.


Drafting buy-sell agreements for small businesses can be quite difficult but it still is necessary as that is you money in question and you cannot just throw it away. Coming up with a buy-sell agreement is just like drafting a will. Actually sometimes the buy-sell agreement is referred to as a business will. Its purpose is to protect the company and to ensure important things are well taken care of in case one of the partners leaves the company.


You will need a buy-sell agreement for the following reasons;

Buy-sell agreements ensure the continuity of business through ensuring that members agree on the fate of the business before any trouble starts.


A buy-sell agreement lays out a succession plan for members who wish to leave the business. This will protect the members remaining from ownership conquests with remaining relatives of the departed owner especially if the departure was because of death. The buy-sell agreement will indicate a strategy much ahead of time that will be used by the remaining partners to resolve any disputes.


It will clear out any forms of uncertainty by indicating the events that might call for a buyout.

It gives protection to assets in your business and also protects liquidity through providing a financial plan for each of the various triggers addressed I the agreement.


It will protect the interests of the business entity and the interest of the business owners as well and by this it will ensure members work with great respect for each other.


Buy-Sell agreements normally contain the following:

They are structured in either of the following ways: cross-purchase or redemption

A cross-purchase buy-sell agreement is designed to allow remaining owners to buy out the shares of the owner that has departed.


A redemption layout design for also referred to as repurchase allows the business entity to reclaim the share interest of the departing partner.


Both a redemption buy-sell agreement and a cross-purchase have pros and cons. designing your buy sell agreement according to either of these largely depends on you. Both designs will however need you to address the succession plan, Events that trigger the buyout, sources of funds and also the cost of buyout.


Succession Plan

Albany Commercial lawyerThe first thing you should ask yourself is who can buy the shares in case of departure of an owner. Losing some of your major staff can be a major blow to your business. It will not only affect how you manage the business but also it will have an impact on company sales. This problem can be handled easily but the next arising problem will be managing the newcomers in the business. Having a succession plan will ease your burden with regards to this issue.


Triggering Events

Triggering events are events that might call for a buyout. These events need to be stated clearly and they are events that when they happen the shares will be advertised. Some of the reasons for buyouts could include death, divorce or death. A buy sell agreement should indicate how all these will be handled.


Funding Sources

Where will the money come from to complete the buyout? Are the individual owners responsible for initiating the buyout or will the company be used as the funding source to buy out a departing co-owner? Insuring your business will reduce the trouble you go through since they will be in place to cover the expenses of funding a buyout when necessary.


Buyout Valuation

Buyout evaluation is the process trying to evaluate the price of buy-outs. Based on the trigger of the buyout, there will be a fixed price for each. The terms of payment will also vary depending on the trigger. For instance if the buyout is because of death then it could be a whole full one-time payment funded by an insurance policy while retirement could be bit-by-bit payments over a period of time.


For further details about a Buy Sell Agreement if you are in the Albany area, this Albany commercial lawyer, McVeagh Fleming Partners can help.