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What Are The Commercial Uses Of Stock Video Footage?

Stock footage

Stock footage

If you have commercial stock video footage and are wondering what do with it, you should know that what you can do with stock footage is only limited by your imagination.

That said, pull out your pen and paper now and brainstorm – come up with a video script that will incorporate your stock video.

Most people already know that there are stock photos, however, only few people know that there are websites out there that offer video clips that you can use in any way you like. A few examples of these video stock videos include, Motion Elements, and Footage Freaks. And there are many, many more.

The good thing about these websites is that you can download the videos in PAL And NTSC formats. If that sounds French to you, don’t worry. NTSC format means you can download the video if you are in the United States. PAL means you can download the material if you live outside the US.

There are really just two types of stock videos – free and paid. Free stock videos usually include videos that you can use as background in your project. Paid stock videos, meanwhile, are something that you can use for different purposes in your video. If you want to know the breadth and depth of the videos that are available on stock video sites, you should check out the stock video websites.

Now we’re not going to tell you which type of stock video to download, but we are going to tell you that your script is the most important element of your project, so you should take your time to make the script that will form your video.

We like to experiment with different video material to make music videos, and that’s how I know about the different stock footage websites. Honestly, I’m not impressed at all by the stock footage that I’ve seen so far.

They’re all boring and are best used as background material. But then again, maybe it’s because they were free. Maybe if I paid for commercial stock video, I would find something better and that’s something that my son can use. A relatively new one is StockGiant but they have a huge range so you are sure to find something that will suit your purposes.

Anyway, if you plan on using a paid service, you really don’t need to worry because the fees at these stock footage are not expensive at all. You can buy fifteen videos for the price of one.

If you are about to make your first video project, you should check out some free stock footage. Don’t expect too much, however, because many of these websites that give away free video material only have material that you don’t need for your project. You might as well shoot the video yourself.

However, you might find thee free backgrounds useful, or you might some use for the video intro and the animations.

Be careful because some of these websites offer crappy content on purpose so you will be forced to pay for good video material, which is really bad.

Here’s the link for that new commercial stock video site