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Renovating an Old Villa in Epsom Can Be Quite Challenging, But Results Can Make It Worthwhile

Old villas have a charm about them that most discerning people appreciate, and it is something that modern design finds it difficult to match. That is the reason that may people are opting to buy and renovate villas in Epsom to suit their present day living requirements. It also allows you have a villa that will probably have a lot of section of land around it, thus giving you a ready-made garden.

It is not easy to renovate an old villa, as it can pose many challenges to ingenuity and even require you to adapt to what you have. This task must be approach with a lot of thought and planning and the work carried out, when all possible problems are foreseen and solutions found to get over them.

The first thing you need to do when you have an old villa that you want to renovate is to make a complete survey of the villa and all its various components. Start with the foundations and things underground, even if it means you have to dig around to get at their actual condition. Make sure that you can get a proper assessment of the strength of the foundation and what stresses it can take, when you make changes to the structure above, by adding or demolishing what exists. Getting such an assessment done from a professional is the best, as they will be able to give you a truthful assessment which will prevent you from taking any risks in future. The floors need very detailed inspection to allow you to spot any weakness or pest infections that may need your attention. If floors are tiled, look for hollow sounds or cracked tiles that may need attention during the renovation.

A major problem that does come up with the renovation of old villas, is to make the layout of the home, one that will be more suited to your own living style. Appoint a good architect or designer to help you in this space planning, so that it involves the least of dismantling and the adding of new walls or partitions. You may require building permits to make changes, and you must make sure that you can get drawings of the structure as it is, and that is probably in the files of the Council. One aspect of old villas, that almost always requires a lot of attention and detailing is the electrical and plumbing systems in place. Get a proper Epsom villa renovation specialist to judge the soundness of installed systems and if you can even save some of them, it can greatly reduce your cost of renovation. Insulation is another thing that may require completely redoing, so that you can get advantage of the R values of modern day products that can allow you to save energy in the long run.

Make sure that any changes you make do not change the character of the villa, which was its original charm. This is especially true in case of doors and windows that often give a lot of character to villas.

Given the huge challenges in carrying out a tasteful yet modern renovation of a villa, it is highly recommended to use an Epsom villa renovation building company to undertake the works. Major renovations can take months, even for professionals, Can your family cope with up to a year of living in a building site? Contact a specialist like Repair and Restore Ltd who have a great reputation for this type of work.