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Common Reasons to Hire an Emergency Albany Plumber


Most homeowners are aware of the fact that they are going to need a plumber at some point.  However, you might be wondering what the most common reasons are for hiring a plumber.  There are a lot of aspects of your home that might need an Albany emergency plumber to fix or install them.


A Dripping Tap


One of the most common reasons why homeowners hire an Albany emergency plumber is to deal with a dripping faucet.  The sound of this dripping is not the only thing that drives homeowners up the wall.  The increase in the water bill that comes with this is another reason for the call to the plumber.


While it is sometimes possible to repair a dripping faucet on your own, the majority of homeowner do not know how to do this.  They also do not have the time to repair the faucet and hiring a plumber is much easier.  The plumber will also be able to determine if there is a larger problem than an old washer.


A Running Toilet – Albany Emergency Plumber


Another common reason to hire a plumber is when our toilet is running.  As with the dripping faucet, the noise can be annoying along with the increased water bill.  The constant running of the toilet can also lead to other problems that you will want to avoid when possible.


Clogged Drains


Emergency Albany PlumberWhile most people will try to clear a clogged drain themselves, there are times when you have to call a plumber.  This is actually one of the most common reasons for hiring a plumber because they have better equipment for this.  The equipment and chemicals that you can get to clear a clogged drain will not be as effective as the equipment the plumber has.


A professional plumber will also be able to determine what the overall problem is.  There are sometimes when a clogged drain can be caused by a larger plumbing problem and a plumber will be able to determine this.


Water Heater Trouble


Another common reason for hiring a plumber is when the water heating is not working correctly.  This could be anything from the water not heating up as much as it did to there being no hot water at all.  If you notice changes in the hot water your home gets, you need to contact a plumber.


Plumbers will be able to determine what the problem is with the water heater and determine if there are parts which need to be replaced.  Plumbers will also be able to replace the entire water heater if this is what is needed.


Appliance Installation


The installation of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines which are linked to the plumbing system is another reason why homeowners hire plumbers.  When these items are installed by a plumber, you know that they are going to work correctly.  You also know that you have all the correct connections for the appliance which limits the chances of leaks and other issues that come from these machines not working correctly.


Summing Up

There are essentially two reasons people hire a plumber – for planned work or for emergency work. If you have a problem ad need and Albany emergency plumber, try Heron Plumbing. They are very experienced and have a good reputation.




Anyone who has ever hired a plumber for a plumbing job knows how expensive plumbing services can be. Even the simplest plumbing task can be costly at times. It is for this reason why it would be wise to learn how to solve minor plumbing problems to help cut costs associated with the same. Discussed below are a few plumbing tips to help you save some money on plumbing costs.

1. Drilling holes in walls: Start by drilling a hole big enough for your hand to fit through. Using your phone or a camera, take a few pictures of the inside of the hole. Remember to active the camera’s flash function especially if it is dark inside.

2. Unreasonably high water bills: This could be due to undetected water leakage in the house. To diagnose this, turn off all taps in the house and check the meter. If the meter continues to count, then there is a higher probability that there’s a leakage. To be sure of this, note down the current meter reading, give it 6-20 hours, and then confirm the reading again. If it has changed, it’s then definite that there is a leakage. You can then start checking for the leaking points within the house to see how big the mess is. Only contact a professional plumber if the mess is too big for you.

3. Ceiling stains: If the stains are from an already repaired leakage, you do not necessarily have to repaint the ceiling again. Using a bleaching agent and water, dab the affected area to dissolve the stains. Ensure your eyes and hands are well protected when doing this.

4. Leaking pipes: These are easy to fix. First, make sure the main water valve is turned off, then drain water remaining in faucets nearby. Use sand paper to clean the pipe, then apply soldering flux. Using a torch, heat the pipe for a few minutes, then apply new solder until the leaking point is sealed completely.

5. Coloured water in taps: This problem is commonly associated with rusting. Before you can do anything, have the water tested to ascertain this. If the coloured water (red) is due to rust in your well, it would be advisable to have a water softener installed. The water softener should help cleanse the water by removing impurities from the water, hence allowing clean water into your house.

6. Window-shop for a plumber, if you need one: Some plumbing problems may be beyond your knowledge and abilities. If you feel only a professional plumber is capable of handling a problem, you should then look for the best in the market. Although most people will go for cheap plumbers, it’s advisable to go for the best and most affordable plumber you can find.

7. Handling taps: Avoid over-tightening water taps and handles in the same. Applying too much pressure on these handles will wear out the washers and gaskets used causing leakages.

Based on the tips discussed above, it is clear that most plumbing problems are simple and easy to repair. You can save good money by handling most of these repairs yourself. Only hire a professional North Shore plumbers for plumbing jobs that are beyond your capacity, especially if you need a hot water system installed, or need to have the entire system replaced.