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Jewellery is one of the most popular purchases for shoppers these days especially for online shopping. Although jewellery is an effective accessory and can really make an outfit, it is not always easy to choose the right piece. Some find it easier to choose suitable jewellery than others. And if you are not close to Auckland so you can go to an actual jeweller’s shop, then online is a great option. Here are a few tips on choosing the right jewellery for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Diamond engagement ring NZThe top of the list for jewellery is the diamond. We all know the phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend! When in any doubt of what to choose for yourself or for someone else, you cannot go wrong with choosing a diamond. It is a reliable choice for anyone since it goes with absolutely everything; and there is nothing more sparkling and beautiful than a diamond.

Planning which jewellery to take on vacation with you is as important as planning which outfits to take with you. Naturally, you cannot take all of your jewellery, so it is important to plan your outfits in advance, and make sure that you have the right jewellery packed to go with them. It is very important to never pack any jewellery that you could not bear to lose, in your checked luggage. If you are taking jewellery with you that is that important to you it is better to wear it rather than pack it.

When you are deciding on an outfit, apart from considering the colours of your clothes, you will also need to consider the colour of the jewellery you have. You will want to pair the different pieces of jewellery so that they match well. For example, if you are wearing gold earrings, you will want to choose a gold ring and the same colour gold chain so that they all match. Unless you have one piece of jewellery that combines different coloured metals, like a watch, it is best to avoid mixing metals.

The ability to buy fine jewellery online has added to our modern shopping convenience, and it’s a great idea. However, be sure to do a little research before you buy. It is also very important to read the description of the item and any guarantees very carefully. Check the seller’s return policies, and check up on the authenticity and quality of the item.

Handmade jewellery makes a wonderful gift, and you can use different ways to get creative and add value to it. For example, you could give someone a necklace that has been packaged in a vintage seed packet, or give your mom a gift of earrings that are mounted on a handmade birthday card instead of on the cardboard earring holder that came with them.

Jewellery can be a very personal thing. Deciding which item of NZ jewellery to buy for a loved one can be a challenge, but if you start paying attention to the things they appear to like, you will get a good idea of what would be a good choice.

There is some excellent NZ jewellery to be found online. Orsini Jewellers in Auckland are one of the most highly regarded both for their own range of engagement rings but also for world famous brand like Marco Bicego and Hulchi Belluni in NZ.



Anyone who has ever hired a plumber for a plumbing job knows how expensive plumbing services can be. Even the simplest plumbing task can be costly at times. It is for this reason why it would be wise to learn how to solve minor plumbing problems to help cut costs associated with the same. Discussed below are a few plumbing tips to help you save some money on plumbing costs.

1. Drilling holes in walls: Start by drilling a hole big enough for your hand to fit through. Using your phone or a camera, take a few pictures of the inside of the hole. Remember to active the camera’s flash function especially if it is dark inside.

2. Unreasonably high water bills: This could be due to undetected water leakage in the house. To diagnose this, turn off all taps in the house and check the meter. If the meter continues to count, then there is a higher probability that there’s a leakage. To be sure of this, note down the current meter reading, give it 6-20 hours, and then confirm the reading again. If it has changed, it’s then definite that there is a leakage. You can then start checking for the leaking points within the house to see how big the mess is. Only contact a professional plumber if the mess is too big for you.

3. Ceiling stains: If the stains are from an already repaired leakage, you do not necessarily have to repaint the ceiling again. Using a bleaching agent and water, dab the affected area to dissolve the stains. Ensure your eyes and hands are well protected when doing this.

4. Leaking pipes: These are easy to fix. First, make sure the main water valve is turned off, then drain water remaining in faucets nearby. Use sand paper to clean the pipe, then apply soldering flux. Using a torch, heat the pipe for a few minutes, then apply new solder until the leaking point is sealed completely.

5. Coloured water in taps: This problem is commonly associated with rusting. Before you can do anything, have the water tested to ascertain this. If the coloured water (red) is due to rust in your well, it would be advisable to have a water softener installed. The water softener should help cleanse the water by removing impurities from the water, hence allowing clean water into your house.

6. Window-shop for a plumber, if you need one: Some plumbing problems may be beyond your knowledge and abilities. If you feel only a professional plumber is capable of handling a problem, you should then look for the best in the market. Although most people will go for cheap plumbers, it’s advisable to go for the best and most affordable plumber you can find.

7. Handling taps: Avoid over-tightening water taps and handles in the same. Applying too much pressure on these handles will wear out the washers and gaskets used causing leakages.

Based on the tips discussed above, it is clear that most plumbing problems are simple and easy to repair. You can save good money by handling most of these repairs yourself. Only hire a professional North Shore plumbers for plumbing jobs that are beyond your capacity, especially if you need a hot water system installed, or need to have the entire system replaced.


Know What To Look For Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Owning a home is part of the Kiwi Dream, and now is an excellent time to buy. Hopefully you have been saving and preparing so that you are financially ready. This is especially so as there are so few homes on the market right now that make it a seller’s market. Given the lack of properties available it is common sense to work with your local Ellerslie real estate agent to find the best prices on homes, but it is also very important that you are prepared and have done your research about the real estate industry and Ellerslie market in particular. Otherwise you could be misguided.

Ellerslie real estateThe first thing you should know is that you do not want to spend your entire budget on the actual purchase price. Most likely the home will need some repairs or you may want to upgrade appliances or rooms. If you spend your entire budget on the purchase you will have nothing left for your renovations. The joy over your new home will deteriorate quickly Nothing when you have to look at the old kitchen bench tops and worn carpet. Keep money aside for these renovations and even after the sale try not to spend all of your money in the initial renovations. You never know when a repair need is going to pop up.

When choosing your real estate agent be sure that he or she is willing to cooperate with you. They are the expert on the local Ellerslie property market and are expected to guide you through the real estate jungle, but you do not want an agent that will not listen to you. If you end up with a pushy agent that tries to convince you to purchase homes you do not like then drop them immediately and find another. It is important from your standpoint not to be a pushover as well. Be polite, but firm in your communication.

Here are a few tips in dealing with real estate agents. First, be very specific about what you want. Make a list, think through absolutely everything, and when they ask you what you are looking for be prepared to tell them. What are your future goals? Do you intend to start a family? Do you love entertaining many guests? It is important that they know your needs so they can show you appropriate homes. When it comes to your budget, it is recommended to give your agent a number that is a little below what you can actually spend. This way when it comes to being persuaded to take something a little beyond your budget you can and still be within your comfortable spending range. Most often in any negotiating situation the first numbers are not the final numbers.

Ellerlsie real estate agentWhen you do find the perfect home don’t get too excited. You need to have a thorough understanding of the contract and the deal itself. If your real estate agent puts pressure on you to take a deal before someone else does, take a step back. Creating a sense of urgency is a very old selling technique but a real estate agent who has integrity will not do that. The best real estate agents in Ellerslie, know that if they work with you and help you rather than forcing a sale, you will recommend them to other people and also return to them when you want to buy a new home.

Buying a house is a major decision and financial expense. It is important that you are very careful and that you understand every aspect of the deal. In addition the home should be thoroughly inspected. A good real estate agent will keep you from jumping into anything too soon. They should want you to be comfortable with the house you are buying. After all, you are going to live there for a long time.



Gas-Fitting – Engage A Professional North Shore Gas Fitter

North Shore gas fitting service

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The use of gas for domestic heating, cooking and hot water is increasing in the North Shore houses and commercial buildings. Gas fitting is therefore an increasingly important service that plumbing companies provide to their customers. Despite the Kiwi tendency to like to carry out renovations on their homes, the old Do-It-Yourself psyche, but with gas appliances, it is very risky to install these or any other gas burning equipment. This is most definitely a job where you need to call in a North Shore gas fitting company.

Why do you need a gas fitting company?

Gas is dangerous; end of story. It is one thing to put a new gas bottle on the barby but to install a complete set of gas pipes in a house, is difficult, especially in older homes. It is imperative that there are no leaks what-so-ever in any of the pipes or the joints. The slightest leak can allow gas to escape which can then very easily be ignited. Gas is highly combustible and even if you do not smoke, it can very easily be ignited causing an explosion in your home or office.

One of the problems is that the space you have to work in is often tight so you do not have room to turn the wrench or use other tools as well as you can in an open space. An experienced gas fitter will have not only the right tools to use but will also be used to using them in these more confined spaces. But perhaps even more importantly, the gas fitter will not cut any corners. When we do work on our homes ourselves, we are often tempted to let tings slide a little. You can get away with this if there are a few drips of paint or a cupboard door is not exactly square. But if you cut corners with gas appliances, then this can be fatal. A gas fitter will not do this as they have to ensure that any job they do in your home will pass inspection by any building assessors or by the Master Plumbers Association.

Different gas-fitting services

North Shore gas fitting

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The most common gas-fitting requirements on the North Shore include installing cooking hobs, heating systems and gas-fired water heaters. These can be in your home, working environment or even on your yacht.

Other services can support your DIY efforts. For example, if you have installed a central heating system, then you are strongly advised to have a gas fitter carry out the commissioning and testing of the entire system before the heating is turned on.

Better to be cautious to ensure safety

Annual service of gas appliances

It is imperative that you have an annual service of all your gas appliances, cookers, heaters and boilers. This is like preventative maintenance, just like on your car. A good North Shore gas fitting company will run a range of tests to look for any potential issues with the appliances and carry out any necessary repairs to protect your family or home. A yearly check and service is a small price to pay for the true peace you will get.

It is also worth bearing in mind that without having regular servicing and especially a check after the initial installation, your home may not be fully insured. Insurance companies look for the smallest way to get out of making pay-outs; do not let them off the hook by failing to have a gas-fitter to check your appliances.

Certified North Shore Gas Fitters

Be sure to only hire gas fitters who are certified by the Plumbers, Gas-fitters and Drain-layers’ Board.

To attain this accreditation, gas-fitters have to undergo rigourous assessment and ongoing training which other plumbers do not. Certified gas-fitters are obliged to carry a card affirming their accreditation. Ask to see the card so that you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best gas fitting advice and installation available.

Potentially, this is your life, so make sure you hire the best North Shore gas-fitters for your appliances and heating systems.


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Before we get into details of what chroma key stock footage, let us talk about pictures in general. Everyone loves to see pictures, in fact, more people prefer it over text-based articles, which is to say that unlike in the past, a picture is now mightier than the word.

chroma key stock footageBecause there is a lingering preference for pictures, the demand for stock pictures has risen over the past few years. What are stock pictures? They are pictures that are published on websites like stock photo websites that you can use for free. These have limited applications for users so if you want a larger image or to avoid other restrictions then you will have to pay a price for the privilege. They are called stock images or footage if it is video you are after. They are called this because someone else takes the pictures for you and then “stocks” them on those websites, waiting for you to download them.

There are many different types of stock images. There are color images, black and white images, composite images, and then there are chroma key images. The same applies to video clips too.

What is chroma key stock footage? This is video footage that has a green or sometimes blue background. If you search for “chroma key stock footage” on Google or any other search engine, you will see that different video stock websites carry them. Now you might be wondering why.

Spraying video still

Because of the green color, it is actually easier to remove the background of these pictures and replace them with another background. For anyone who has experience in editing pictures or videos, you already know that having a green background is the difference between editing easy and editing hard.

In the alternative, you can also shoot in a green screen studio, which is really nothing more than a room that is colored green. Of course, it will cost you money to shoot there, which is the reason why you try a DIY shoot with a green wooden plank or green muslin cloth in the background.

You do not have to be a professional photographer to shoot chroma key footage. All you need is a great camera and a strong artistic flair. When you shoot correctly, what will come out are professional-looking background footage.

But not everyone has access to a suitable camera nor do they have the time or space. So as an effective option, go to a video stock library

With a chroma key footage, it is easy enough to replace a green background with that of another video clip that you prefer. You can easily change the background with video editing software like When shooting pictures in chroma key, it is crucial you or your subject is NOT wearing any green color, whether it is the shirt or the pants that he or she is wearing. This does not mean that your subject cannot wear green to the photo shoot. They can, however, care must be taken to ensure that the wearable green is NOT the same shade as the chroma background.

For some examples of chroma key stock footage you can try a website like Stock Giant. This is an extensive video archive of video clips covering a vast range of topics from nature through science to special effects.


This site will have information and examples of royalty-free video footage. Stock footage you can use for all sorts of applications including chroma key video for green screen, websites, webinars and film editing.