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What To Do When Your Carpets Get Flooded – Auckland Water Damage Repair Company

Auckland water damage repairWater damage can be a terrible thing. Many people are tempted to think water is harmless, but they are wrong. Stale water can wreak havoc on your floors, walls and carpets, as well as on furniture items. If your carpets get water damage, you need to take very fast action, in order to rescue them and contact an Auckland water damage repair company.

Speed is the most important thing when your carpets get damaged by water. Your main goal should be to dry them as quickly as possible. If mould develops, it’s going to be almost impossible to get rid of it, so you shouldn’t allow for it to grow. The biggest problem is that mould and mildew can appear in as little as a couple of hours, hence the need for fast action by an Auckland water damage repair company.

This first thing you should do it to get your carpets out of the house. If possible, hang them outdoors, in a windy place. This may help them dry faster. It would be a good idea to ask the water damage restoration company what to do about your damp carpets. If you didn’t hire such a company, you should probably reconsider your thoughts, as water damage should be taken very seriously. It can affect even the structure of a building, so you may end up with a house you won’t be able to live in anymore.

Auckland water damage repair companyA professional carpet cleaning company may also be able to help you save your carpets from disaster. They can clean the carpets, in order to remove all dirty water and debris that may have ended up in the fibre. Moreover, these professional cleaners have powerful dryers, so they are going to be able to dry your carpets before the development of mould and mildew. This solution is better than trying to clean your carpets by yourself with soapy water. You can try it, but you should be aware that rubbing may lead to discolorations and to the damage of the fabric. Besides, you won’t be able to dry your carpets fast enough, so you’re going to lose them anyway. Professional cleaners have methods that use either very little water or steam, so they don’t lead to soaking the carpets too much. On the contrary, homeowners tend to use too much water. If you do this on your already damaged carpets, you won’t be able to rescue them.

In conclusion, when your carpets get damaged by water, you should first take them outside to get some air, and then contact either an Auckland water damage repair company or a professional carpet cleaning company to help you. These experts are going to tell you exactly what to do before they get to your place. Just follow their instructions and hope your carpets aren’t already mouldy. Once mould installs deep inside the carpet fibre, it is almost impossible to remove it without severely damaging the carpet. It’s much better to prevent this situation by taking very fast action as soon as you notice the water damage.