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Blockhouse Bay Dentists – 4 Tips for Good Dental Health

A key guideline when it concerns good dental health is to stat by ensuring that you use the common oral health care techniques like brushing your teeth. From an early age we are told to clean our teeth and for good reason. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to fail to remember to clean your teeth from time to time but as long as it does not become a regular habit, then not too much damage can occur. It certainly pays to follow the advice of your dentist.

Below you can see some tips to help you with your dental care.

1 The majority of people do not spend enough time on their daily dental cleansing routine. A good rule of thumb is that you ought to be brushing your teeth for two minutes. You should be using floss to get in between each tooth for ¾ of a minute. These times can seem quite long so to make sure you achieve this, use a timer of some sort.

2 Don’t buy the cheapest dental care items you see. Search for products that have the seal of approval from the NZ Dental Association. Their people have tried, tested and compared products from a range of manufacturers and make their recommendations based on their testing.

3 Make sure you go to see a dentist on a regular basis. At least once a year is recommended and for children every six months is a good idea.

Electric toothbrush4 Your everyday oral care regimen ought to include the three main factors which are, brushing the teeth, flossing and then using mouthwash. Using a tooth brush will get rid of the larger food fragments in your mouth. Flossing removes the smaller bits embedded between your teeth. Mouth wash swished around your mouth eliminates microorganisms that might be in your mouth.

If you follow the ideas discussed above, and you monitor how well you adhere to them, then you will go a long way to improving your chances of better oral health care. It just requires a bit of self-discipline which is far easier than having a dentist drill your teeth to fill a cavity.

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