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How To Find The Best NZ Engagement Rings

Auckland white gold engagement ring

Auckland white gold engagement ring

These days, jewellery stores seem to be just everywhere, and no one can argue that there’s lack of choice when it comes to jewellery shopping. As in every case, with large numbers of companies in any market and all of them not being equal, it is often quite a daunting task in choosing the right jeweller to find an engagement ring.

Most jewellery stores pride themselves on customer service and their reputation. Jewellery is often a high ticket item that has emotional attachment involved. So for this reason you must find a jeweller who has high quality products, excellent service and can offer a personalised service to anyone looking for NZ engagement rings.

Luckily, for the jewellery buyer, there are many jewellers that take huge pride in their services and treat their clients like valued guests in their stores. But this does not answer how you find a good NZ jeweller, so let’s get to that.

The First Method Is Through Word Of Mouth

You can ask friends, co-workers and even family members, particularly those who have a bought a jewellery item at one time and you happened to like it. A recommendation from a friend, a relative or someone you know is one of the best methods if getting you closer to a reputable and trustworthy jewellery sales person to help you with buying an engagement ring.

Visit Local Jewellery Stores

solitaire engagement ringYou can take a walk around local jewellery stores and take a look of how they present themselves as well as how they treat you. If they ignore you or treat you rudely or if their store looks bad, don’t think twice, go to the next store. If the store looks pretty nice and the staff treats you like a valued guest, then chances are you have found a good or even the best local jeweller.

Finding Engagement Rings Online in NZ

If you dislike the idea of walking in and out of one jewellery store after the other, then the Internet is your best alternative. You can search for local jewellery stores near you and look up their reviews. Some even have the feature of designing your own piece and ordering it online. One such jewellery company is who have a huge range of top quality Italian designer rings as well as their own bespoke NZ engagement rings.

Once you have found a jeweller that suits your needs, talk to the sales associate or even better, the owner or designer like at Orsini. Ask them for a few jewellery pieces they have and how they can create a unique ring for your girlfriend.

Customer service and professionalism is the key to any business success and in jewellery stores, this is more vital. With just a little research and footwork, it is a lot easier to find a jeweller or a jewellery store that will meet or even exceed your expectations. I wish you luck in finding a jeweller that will craft your NZ engagement ring just the way you want it.