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Gas-Fitting – Engage A Professional North Shore Gas Fitter

North Shore gas fitting service

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The use of gas for domestic heating, cooking and hot water is increasing in the North Shore houses and commercial buildings. Gas fitting is therefore an increasingly important service that plumbing companies provide to their customers. Despite the Kiwi tendency to like to carry out renovations on their homes, the old Do-It-Yourself psyche, but with gas appliances, it is very risky to install these or any other gas burning equipment. This is most definitely a job where you need to call in a North Shore gas fitting company.

Why do you need a gas fitting company?

Gas is dangerous; end of story. It is one thing to put a new gas bottle on the barby but to install a complete set of gas pipes in a house, is difficult, especially in older homes. It is imperative that there are no leaks what-so-ever in any of the pipes or the joints. The slightest leak can allow gas to escape which can then very easily be ignited. Gas is highly combustible and even if you do not smoke, it can very easily be ignited causing an explosion in your home or office.

One of the problems is that the space you have to work in is often tight so you do not have room to turn the wrench or use other tools as well as you can in an open space. An experienced gas fitter will have not only the right tools to use but will also be used to using them in these more confined spaces. But perhaps even more importantly, the gas fitter will not cut any corners. When we do work on our homes ourselves, we are often tempted to let tings slide a little. You can get away with this if there are a few drips of paint or a cupboard door is not exactly square. But if you cut corners with gas appliances, then this can be fatal. A gas fitter will not do this as they have to ensure that any job they do in your home will pass inspection by any building assessors or by the Master Plumbers Association.

Different gas-fitting services

North Shore gas fitting

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The most common gas-fitting requirements on the North Shore include installing cooking hobs, heating systems and gas-fired water heaters. These can be in your home, working environment or even on your yacht.

Other services can support your DIY efforts. For example, if you have installed a central heating system, then you are strongly advised to have a gas fitter carry out the commissioning and testing of the entire system before the heating is turned on.

Better to be cautious to ensure safety

Annual service of gas appliances

It is imperative that you have an annual service of all your gas appliances, cookers, heaters and boilers. This is like preventative maintenance, just like on your car. A good North Shore gas fitting company will run a range of tests to look for any potential issues with the appliances and carry out any necessary repairs to protect your family or home. A yearly check and service is a small price to pay for the true peace you will get.

It is also worth bearing in mind that without having regular servicing and especially a check after the initial installation, your home may not be fully insured. Insurance companies look for the smallest way to get out of making pay-outs; do not let them off the hook by failing to have a gas-fitter to check your appliances.

Certified North Shore Gas Fitters

Be sure to only hire gas fitters who are certified by the Plumbers, Gas-fitters and Drain-layers’ Board.

To attain this accreditation, gas-fitters have to undergo rigourous assessment and ongoing training which other plumbers do not. Certified gas-fitters are obliged to carry a card affirming their accreditation. Ask to see the card so that you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best gas fitting advice and installation available.

Potentially, this is your life, so make sure you hire the best North Shore gas-fitters for your appliances and heating systems.